Why Georiga?

You may be wondering why we have a location in Asheville and Georiga? Let us tell you!

Layla is my one and only “big sister” even though I am much taller than she is. We have always been very close growing up. Well, that is when we weren’t trying to kill each other and driving our mother crazy! As we have become adults After all these years, I have more respect for her and honor her more than ever!

Our Upbringing

We grew up in a home where we were taught to be grateful for everything big or small. We were also taught how to clean properly and to always be detail-oriented. Growing up with a single Mom and then with a blended family of 8, we had to do our part in keeping our home organized and clean. At one point, our wonderful Mom created the “FHA”, the Future Homemakers of America. We were taught how to do all the household chores including laundry. Oh and don’t worry our brothers were not void of these teachings at all! They too had to learn how to complete all the chores with our mom needing all the help she could get with all these crazy youngens!

The Birth of an Idea

Over the years, Layla and I have pondered being able to work together and do something to help other people while being able to support our families. We always knew we wanted to create something bigger than ourselves.

I opened Owen’s Cleaning Solutions in 2017. After seeing my success within the first year, Layla knew I had created a company that stood out. Layla has always supported my endeavors and was attracted to the Mission, Vision and Core Values I had developed.

With so much success in Western NC, it just made sense for us to join forces and expand the company. In order to do so, we are branching out and providing services in two states, North Carolina and Georgia. Our goal in 2020 is to have strong teams with leaders in both states.

We are on a mission to provide excellent service while educating on how we provide eco friendly cleaning with gratitude!