Why and How We Are Ecofriendly

Have you ever used a cleaning product and starting coughing because of the smell? Or perhaps after using a cleaner you have loved for years you feel a chest tightness or got a headache? Do you then wonder why this is? Well, the fact is, there are many chemicals in most cleaning products available to us today. It’s truly shocking! Perhaps you are on the other side of the coin and feel as though these chemical cleaners smell great and are the only way to get your home truly clean. If this is you, we get it! We were once there too. Yet, when we learned what these products were doing to our bodies, our children’s bodies and our environment as a whole, we knew we needed to make a change

[1] Why Green Cleaning

As we’ve gotten older and have children in our homes, we’ve become more sensitive and aware of these strong smelling chemicals in cleaning products. We live in a time where you can go buy just about any so called “eco friendly” cleaning product and think you are doing better. You may be, but also know you could be experiencing “green washing” Well, maybe you are a little. But just because the product claims to be “green”, “natural”, and/or “biodegradable” does mean it isn’t non-toxic. We ourselves have been stunned by this with some of our favorite products over the years. Thankfully, we have found incredible resources to help us identify the “clean” products and then tested the products we use for their effectiveness and ease on our bodies and mother nature.

Why, other than what we previously shared, do we choose environmentally friendly cleaning products? Well, first off, when we use products that are produced naturally we use less water. Also, less energy is used to create and use these products. We are preventing air and water pollution, therefore reducing our footprint on our beautiful planet. Did I mention human health preservation?

How to make a Shift

Here are just a few of very common harmful chemicals found in cleaning products. Their uses and how harmful they can be. Don’t worry, we’ve mentioned alternatives that can be used and some of the products we choose to use instead.

1. Ammonia – found most commonly in glass cleaner. It’s been known to be an irritant especially to asthma sufferers.

Alternative:  Instead of using this we can use water along with a microfiber cloth.

2. Chlorine – found in most mildew removers can produce fumes that aggravate the respiratory system if inhaled.

Alternative:  An easy solution to this is to use Bon Ami or Baking Soda.

3. Sodium Hydroxide -Used in oven cleaners and drain openers. It can be extremely corrosive and cause severe burns on the skin. If inhaled can make your throat sore.

Alternative:  Make a paste of baking soda and vinegar instead.

Whether you follow us for tips or invite us into your home, know that we have vetted all of our products for safety and effectiveness. We clean your home like we clean the homes our children live in because we care about your health and wellness.

With many people suffering from allergies and various other health conditions, why would we use these chemicals? We want to do our part to help preserve our personal health, families’ health, and the planet. This is ultimately why we decided to narrow in on this as our cleaning strategy that can be offered to everyone. Yes, EVERYONE!

We use things like peroxide, specific cloths to clean glass and windows instead of having to use a chemical solution. We also use floor cleaners that are vinegar based and make our own toilet bowl cleaning bombs, as well as other cleaning solutions. And they have helpful essential oils added in to aid in ridding of surfaces of bacteria and smell amazing!

So before you hire your next cleaning service or head to Target to get a new bottle of All Purpose cleaner, be sure to do your homework and ask questions. Even before then, check out the products in your cabinets at www.ewg.org. Be prepared to be shocked. But don’t worry! Together, we will be the change!


Why Georiga?

You may be wondering why we have a location in Asheville and Georiga? Let us tell you!

Layla is my one and only “big sister” even though I am much taller than she is. We have always been very close growing up. Well, that is when we weren’t trying to kill each other and driving our mother crazy! As we have become adults After all these years, I have more respect for her and honor her more than ever!

Our Upbringing

We grew up in a home where we were taught to be grateful for everything big or small. We were also taught how to clean properly and to always be detail-oriented. Growing up with a single Mom and then with a blended family of 8, we had to do our part in keeping our home organized and clean. At one point, our wonderful Mom created the “FHA”, the Future Homemakers of America. We were taught how to do all the household chores including laundry. Oh and don’t worry our brothers were not void of these teachings at all! They too had to learn how to complete all the chores with our mom needing all the help she could get with all these crazy youngens!

The Birth of an Idea

Over the years, Layla and I have pondered being able to work together and do something to help other people while being able to support our families. We always knew we wanted to create something bigger than ourselves.

I opened Owen’s Cleaning Solutions in 2017. After seeing my success within the first year, Layla knew I had created a company that stood out. Layla has always supported my endeavors and was attracted to the Mission, Vision and Core Values I had developed.

With so much success in Western NC, it just made sense for us to join forces and expand the company. In order to do so, we are branching out and providing services in two states, North Carolina and Georgia. Our goal in 2020 is to have strong teams with leaders in both states.

We are on a mission to provide excellent service while educating on how we provide eco friendly cleaning with gratitude!

Why Should you hire a professional?

Professionals do it best. When it comes to your home or office, professional cleaning services can give you the satisfaction of knowing your space is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We give attention to the areas you wouldn’t normally think about or have the time to do. Your home or office are left clean and sanitized.

Think of the time and money you spend on cleaning and cleaning products. Most professional cleaning services provide their own cleaning solutions, which will save you some cash. You will be able to spend more time with your family or time to get work done especially if you are having to stay home with the kids and work from home. If you are in an office setting, employees are more efficient when their workspace is clean. More efficient employees also saves you money!

Cleaning services provide you with a healthy and safe living environment for you and your children or your employees. Owens Cleaning Solutions uses eco-friendly solutions that give you the peace of mind knowing your loved ones are not breathing in harmful chemicals.

With the current Covid 19 crisis, sanitation services are priceless. We take extra precautions to make sure your home or office is sanitized. We wipe all surfaces that are touched on a daily basis including but not limited to, door knobs, keyboards, chairs, light switches and any games or exercise equipment. 

Professional cleaning services can be life savers when it comes to moving into a new home. Packing, moving, signing all the papers, inspections, the list goes on and on. Moving can be one of the most stressful times in your life. This is where the professionals come in and make your life easy, safe and healthy! Not only do we make sure your new home is ready to unpack those boxes and put directly away but we also offer the additional comfort of knowing your home has been properly sanitized. Your health and safety are top priority for us at Owens Cleaning Solutions.

Whether your needs are for your home and/or office, professional cleaning services are the obvious solution. Owens Cleaning Solutions would be happy to help you with all of your cleaning needs! Send us an email or give us a call, we love hearing from you! As always we are #Cleaning with Gratitude!

Hello There!

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting our site. We are so excited to have you here!

Owen’s Cleaning Solutions is owned and operated by me, Haley in Asheville, North Carolina with a second location in Georgia run by my sister Layla. Let us tell you a little more about us!

I am a single mom of two grown babies and one toddler. I spend my days off playing and exploring with my youngest son. We love to wrestle and play with dinosaurs and trucks! 

I have been in the cleaning and service management industry for over 20 years. My first cleaning job was at 19, cleaning for a local residential service. I have always had a mind for entrepreneurship and an eye for detail and excellence, so it just made sense when I was ready for a career change to open Owens Cleaning Solutions. I have always loved helping and serving others with Gratitude. Gratitude and being a blessing to others is the foundation of this company! Here at Owen’s Cleaning Solutions, we are #cleaningwithgratitude. 

Layla, my sister is a wife and mother of two boys. She lives in north Georgia and has a keen eye and awareness in the service industry. Her diverse business experience comes from over 20 years of serving others through customer service in conventional and alternative healthcare. She enjoys spending time with her family when she’s not working.

To learn more about us, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check out our blogs for our favorite cleaning tips and tricks.